Building Utility Careers for All Californians

The water and energy industries are facing widespread shortages of qualified workers due to an aging workforce and expected retirements, needed investments in California’s infrastructure, and new technical and scientific skills required to operate, improve, and maintain critical systems.

The California Water, Wastewater, and Energy Workforce Development Program is helping create a much-needed new pipeline of skilled workers while fostering career opportunities for underrepresented communities and people in the utility industry,

Helping the workers of tomorrow begin and advance their careers in the utility industry.

The California Water, Wastewater and Energy Workforce Development Program

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The program is supporting a variety of training providers and programs, and a new regional training pilot program in Southern California.


A broad coalition of 4 core conveners and 10 partnering organizations are contributing expertise to this program.


A $4 million grant from the California Workforce Development Board’s
(CWDB) High Road Training Partnership Program is funding the program.